Mar 22

We have been super busy here at Tidalstock.  With the new site, we have been adding photos everyday, adding more amazing surf stock photography.  In between editing photos, we have also been doing some commercial projects.nathaniel_curran_3.jpg

We recently sat down with Nathaniel Curran and Erin Edwards with Fuel TV to take some pictures and help with the interview.  For those that don’t know Nathaniel, he is the 2008 WQS winner.  You can see some of the interview at our un-official blog

We also attended Jesse Billauer’s movie premier Jesse’s Story.  Jesse started the Life Rolls On foundation for spinal cord injuries.  Every Life Rolls On event we attend is amazing and Jesse does a wonderful job promoting his cause.


Jesse and Ben Harper:


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Jan 24

We have been working hard on improving our entry page and have launched the first version.  Not only does it look better, but we have added additional features to our site.

Make sure to check out all the new info:

1. Photographer bios.

2. Resource section that will have tips, reviews, and other information.

3. Each photographer will have a section to post articles.

4. Front page slideshow to keep you informed of the latest information and sales.

5. Summary of all our services.

6. User friendly navigation.

7. Search for text.

8. New look.

9. RSS to subscribe to new articles we post.

Hope you enjoy the new front section of our site.  Please book mark or use the RSS to stay informed.


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Nov 20

We are sad summer is over.  No more warm water, no more bikiniswoman_surfer.jpg and trunks, no more crystal clear tubes in the hot summer sun.

But before we get to the large waves, cold water, freezing cold wetsuits, and snow bird days with four feet of powder, we get the months of October and November.wave_rc08805.jpg

wave_rc00097.jpgYou can always feel the change in the air, slightly cooler, even on the warm days.  The Santa Ana winds start to blow giving terrific waves from mixed North and South swells.  The mountains start to get a dusting of new snow.  The days are shorter, but still enough light to have a long day.  The wind changes from the consistent thermals to the sweeping cool wind from the Santa Barbara Channel.Santa Ana Winds

We also still get the last waves created by summer sand before the large winter swells wash the beaches out.

WinterIndeed, this time of year is special.  Will we have a good winter?  Will we get large clean swells?  Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, we will be out there capturing the elements as they happen.

See you out there!  Team Tidalstock

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Nov 14

Quick, sign up between now and December 31st, 2008 and get a coupon for $100 off any purchase greater than $100. This is for new customers only, no purchase is necessary to sign up as a registered customer. Sign Up Here


As a registered user, you can save your different lightboxes, track account purchases, and get access to additional promotions through our mail list.

Sign up today before you forget and miss the savings! After your account is created, we will email the coupon to you. Thats it, no obligations!

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Nov 13

Kauai is by far one of our favorite destinations.  It seems that we have been making more and more trips to the island for many different reasons.  We just got back from another amazing trip in what is considered Kauai’s off season.  We opted to stay in Poipu located on Kauai’s sunny side and were greeted with amazing beaches and wonderful sunsets.


We also had some nice days on the North Shore.


Perhaps the most surreal moment came when a baby Killer Whale washed up on the beach.  It was very sick and the team at the beach did the best they could to help it.  Eventually they had to end its suffering, but performed a traditional Hawaiian ceremony honoring the whale.


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Sep 30

We are working hard to get all aspects of our site up and running as quick as possible.  In the next few weeks, we will be adding our partner photographers to our growing stock image library.  The process will take some time to fit the new strict guidelines we have created for our stock site, but we know the wait will be worth it.  Our partners have some amazing work and will expand our image collection giving you more choices.

We are very pleased with the new site and hope that not only will we provide a good vehicle for our partners to sell images, but also provide good exposure to help them grow their names within the advertising and commercial markets.

Subscribe to our blog or become a member of our site to stay updated on news.

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Sep 24

It took a bit longer then we wanted, but after some hard work we have made the new site live!  Here are only some of the features now available:

-Better search options
-Light boxes
-Ability to create different ligt boxes for different clients
-Larger viewing image
-More details, model release, property release, horizontal, vertical, IPTC.
-New Look
-Better account managment
-New front page with slide show linked to images

Future improvements:

-Art prints will be added for home or office use
-Other product types
-Additional Photographers
-Instant download of purchased images

We are very excited about the new site.  We hope that you will like it as well and are very eager to hear any feedback.  Start your search for images.


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Aug 23

We are excited to announce that our new site will be live starting 9/10/08. We have been working a long time for this and will bring all the features photo buyers want.

Some of what the new site will have:

-Ability to create and email light boxes.

-Powerful Search that includes image orientation, model release, and key phrases.

-New login area for our partner photographers to upload and track their images.

-Automatic download of images bought (phase 2).

And many more features.

We are also plan to promote and sell fine art prints in future releases. This is something we been wanting to do for a long time and will now have the ability for artists to sell and display their unique or limited pieces.

To stay up to date on our progress, subscribe to this blog!

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Jul 19

If you have not looked at Ryan’s portfolio site recently, we have made some changes! Please take a look and let us know what you think as we are very excited about the new site! It is simple, bold, and lets the photography speak for itself.


For those that do not know, Ryan is co-founder and chief photographer/editor of Tidalstock. Before he turned professional photographer, he competed professionally as a pro-longboarder. His passion for the water has led him to become an outstanding surf photographer. With some help from others, he began Tidalstock, a place for media buyers to find unique, bold, and fresh water stock photography.

We have some new changes coming very soon as part of our whole portfolio makeover. Stay Tuned!

Thanks to Mike Artman at Namtra Media for designing the new portfolio site.

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Jun 30

Summer is in full swing and we are working on some concepts for our stock library and need your help. We are looking for individuals to shoot in some new concepts. If you are an amature model or looking to getting into modeling, this is a good opportunity to work with a professional photographer and build your portfolio. For others, it is a good way to get some free photography for your team or family. We are fun to work with and will be as flexible as possible.

Here is what we are looking for:

-Woman 18 and up.
-Bicycle teams
-Children 5-10

Must be located in the Ventura, LA, Orange County area. Please use our contact form if you are interested and we will respond as soon as possible. The opportunity will fill up fast, so don’t wait.

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