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Thursday, July 30, 2015
Welcome to Tidalstock
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Be Bold and Stand Out From the Rest

Be Bold

Bold sells, don't stand for the standard images we have all seen.  Make sales and grab attention!!

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Be Different

Inspiring, Captivating, Bold.  Stand out and don't be afraid to make a statement.  Our stock photography delivers results from your readers.

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The color blue

Blue is the color of our oceans, the color of our sky, and even the color of some eyes.  What will you find in our stock photography collection of blues?

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Begin Your Ocean, Water, Life, search here!

Ocean, Water, Life

Don't know where to start?  Follow this link to the freshest Ocean, Water, and Life images on our site?  From Surfing to Snowboarding and everything in between we have a unique blend of the extreme sport lifestyle.

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Surf Stock Photography at it's best!

Action and Lifestyle Surf Photography

Would you buy a diamond ring from a car dealer?  Then why buy surf images from a stock photography agency that does not know surfing?  We edit, critique, and demand that all our images capture surfing from the eyes of a surfer.  We should know we have over 65 years of combined experience in surfing and related extreme sports.

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Inspiring stock photography images

We know winter has arrived and snow has fallen.  Until spring, here is an image to get you through the winter reminding you of the days without wetsuits.  We have thousands more just like it, we can inspire your marketing material!

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Ocean - Water - Life

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Welcome Photo Buyers!

Tidalstock is your source for Ocean and Water Life photography.  We know "cool", we know trends, we do the sports we shoot, and we don't have dated images! 

We deliver what the big guys can't, originality.  Don't believe us?  Do a search for surfing and compare the quality, look, and feel of our images Vs. the big guys.  Tidalstock will make you stand out.

Make sure to create an account for the ability to save lightboxes and stay informed of new collections and specials we have.   

New Service: Extreme Sport Consulting

Whether your a film producer, a set designer, or a casting agency, our services can help guide you to the proper elements to create a believable set, a "cool" character, or a proper location for filming extreme sports.
Services Offered:
  • Location selection and preparation
  • Film audit for accuracy
  • Character development
  • Location assistance for photography
  • Condition assessments
  • Equipment and prop selection
  • Finding Pro-Riders
We know the people that started snowboarding, competed against the worlds best surfers and windsurfers, and have dedicated our company to bring you the best images.  We have a unique view into the world of extreme sports and can help you build the right image for your film or TV program.  Call us today for more information.

The Tidalstock Difference

What makes us different?  Passion.  Plain and simple.  We bring you the best Ocean, Water, and Life photography because that is what we know.  We jump out of helicopters to go snowboarding, fly to tropical beaches to go surfing, monitor weather to find the best swells, and work with industry leaders to test products.

We don't promote image material we don't know.  Our mission is simple, bring you the most unique images that will best connect to your audience.

Using Tidalstock ensures you a unique perspective with photographers that know the sports and topics they are shooting.



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